udp transport (take 2)

Camilo Viecco cviecco at anml.iu.edu
Thu Oct 9 14:39:11 UTC 2008

There is a new version of the udp tor POC code. Again this is a
demonstration of how I think things could be done, to have better

For the people new in this list. The code presented here is a POC of an
anonymity system that uses end-to-end TCP congestion
control to have better network performance (in latency) and fairer (as
in fair as TCP is)  use of the network resources of TOR.
As it is it provides less anonymity than tor but is a work in progress.

As client, the system creates a virtual tunnel through which anonymous
communication will pass. At the other end of the
tunnel a socks server handles communication.

To test the  goodness: try downloading several large files (say some
linux distros) while googling for something. The interactive browsing
will not be (significantly) affected by the load of the udp-tor network.

- Tested now in Linux 2.6 (386,x86_64,MIPS) and OSX (ppc (10.4) and i386
- Primitive filtering of TCP options
- Dynamic network -> downloadable network status and network updates.
- Transparent socks (for packets routed through the virtual interface
and not destined to the SOCKS server)
- More sane output (still too verbose).

- No need to patch broken libdnet (wrapped broken functions)
- Faster cleanup of stale state.

Things to do:
- Add udp transport (for vpn like functionality, no need to worry about
dns leaks)
 -Add TCP ssl entry for servers.
- Add autentication of network updates.
- Add rate limiting of non responsive circuits.
- Make it workable under win32/vista (long term).

Currently the exit nodes are COTS 'home routers' (WRT54GL) each
providing up to 212KB/sec throughput.

Code is available at:

Have a nice day and please try the system, you will pleasantly surprised
by how well it performs

Camilo Viecco
Key fingerprint = 0781 10A0 44CC C441 594F  E5A9 858A 173E 3EC5 EA42

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