ExitNodes config use fingerprint rather than nickname

Wesley Kenzie wkenzie at shaw.ca
Wed May 7 21:54:19 UTC 2008

I am considering trying my hand at a patch to allow fingerprints to be used
in place of nicknames for ExitNodes and EntryNodes config variables.  (There
are quite a few duplicate nicknames floating around which are not
immediately obvious. I added a list of them yesterday to
http://www.pickaproxy.com/?speak=tor so they can be easily identified.)  The
problem currently is that duplicate nicknames cannot be used as specified
exit or entry nodes.

Can someone (Nick?) give me some pointers to start, with respect to how
nicknames are used to select exit and entry nodes?  Or is this going to
require significant changes?  I do not see any functions defining a direct
relationship between a nickname and a fingerprint but suspect there is one



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