Nickname list includes 'xyz' which isn't a known router

Wesley Kenzie wkenzie at
Thu May 15 20:03:40 UTC 2008

Here's another example: nickname "anonion".  It seems to be a valid exit
node as per GETINFO desc/all-recent and GETINFO ns/all scans I just ran (and shows it to have been up and regularly
running over the past week) and yet immediately after starting a new client
with this nickname listed in --ExitNodes with --StrictExitNodes 1, I get
"[warn] Nickname list includes 'anonion' which isn't a known router" showing
in log.
I then started up a new controller session and did a GETINFO ns/name/anonion
but got "551 Internal Error" as the result.
So I tried it's fingerprint with GETINFO
ns/id/23B59BABD548E1FB2865183165B8A619728F0016 and this time got the
expected "r" and "s" records.
Seems GETINFO ns/name/nickname is buggy in some instances?

I keep getting the above [warn] messages when starting up a client session
with fresh nicknames just selected from a controller interface.  There are
usually between 1 and 5 of these messages, listing different nicknames.
This is on version but has been on previous versions as well.

Is this a bug or am I missing something?  My best guess is that some
nicknames are not (yet) in the local cached-* files but they are (should
be?) good because I just found them using GETINFO desc/all-recent and
GETINFO ns/all.

I just checked Nickname "Freaky" and found it is listed in
cached-descriptors, but is not listed in cached-extrainfo.

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