ExitNodes config use fingerprint rather than nickname

Sebastian Hahn hahn.seb at web.de
Thu May 8 20:46:47 UTC 2008

On May 8, 2008, at 10:13 PM, Wesley Kenzie wrote:
> Sounds good, Nick.  Unfortunately I have not been able to get any of  
> the 3
> formats to work.  I'm using (r14442) and specifying -- 
> ExitNodes
> on the command line.  The [warn] message "Failed to parse/validate  
> config:
> Invalid nickname '529436598DEE2E3AAA07490A563451934591373~Unnamed' in
> ExitNodes line" also incorrectly identifies the fingerprint.  The  
> first
> character is being chopped off.  In this case there should be a '8'  
> at the
> beginning of that fingerprint.

That is expected behaviour on the command line. the $ is interpreted  
to start a variable, thus the next character is also eaten. Try (on  
the command line) to put
\$8 529436598DEE2E3AAA07490A563451934591373~Unnamed and it should  
work, I think.

> I'm afraid a patch for this is beyond my current capabilities, but I  
> would
> be glad to assist in any way.
> Wesley

I hope that helps

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