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Nick Mathewson nickm at freehaven.net
Fri Mar 28 17:41:23 UTC 2008

Forwarding this with permission.  It looks like interesting work,
especially for people pursuing VM-based anonymization strategies.

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Subject: Tor proxy for Virtual Machines


As part of one of our research projects, I put together a small proxy tool 
that anonymizes all TCP and DNS traffic originating in a virtual machine 
(at least with VMWare or Xen). It currently runs under linux, but contains 
very early support for Windows.

It plugs in beneath the Virtual Machine Monitor, so it is capable of 
providing TOR support for any application+OS combination without any 
configuration or special proxy tool needing to be installed in the guest 

It works by configuring a VM's network adapter to connect to a host-only 
network, where none of the packets are ever transmitted out of the host 
machine. Every ethernet packet coming from the VM is then captured and 
translated into SOCKs traffic that is forwarded to a TOR proxy. If the 
packet is not supported then it is simply dropped and is never transmitted 
on the network.

More info on the tool can be found here:

While the paper can be found here:

I'm unsure whether this will be of any interest to people, but I figured 
I'd let you know.

Jack Lange ; NU CS ; jarusl at cs.northwestern.edu

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