openbsd malloc on alpha

Peter Palfrader peter at
Sun Mar 16 23:33:02 UTC 2008

On Sun, 16 Mar 2008, Nick Mathewson wrote:

> > it turns out the problem is that the pagesize on alpha is 8k.

> > -#if defined(__sparc__)
> > +#if defined(__sparc__) || defined (__alpha__)
> That's quite clever.  How did you find it?  For now, I'll add an early
> runtime check to make sure that runtime pagesize matches compile-time
> page size when using openbsd-malloc.

I just got lucky.  While looking over the source of openbsd malloc I saw
the special case for sparc and decided to give it try on alpha too.  It
happened to work.

Checking if pagesize matches between compile and runtime seems like a
smart move.

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