Proposal: Automatic Tor Software Updates

Matt Edman edmanm at
Thu Jul 31 13:23:10 UTC 2008

On Thu, Jul 31, 2008 at 02:33:32PM +0200, Carsten Krüger wrote:
> >   The initial target platform for the automatic update framework is Windows,
> Have you thought about no admin rights problem?
> For example because the user is not member of administrators group or the
> user runs windows vista with UAC?
> What happens if Tor runs as a windows service?

Those are fine questions, but they are also more of an auto-update client
implementation problem. The scope of the proposal, as stated in the third
paragraph of the proposal itself, does not include the actual package
installation procedure.

All we're defining here currently is how a client running on the end-user's
machine can learn in an authenticated manner that there is an updated
installation package available for the user's platform, how and from where to
download that package, and how to verify that the package downloaded is the
one we intended the user to receive.


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