Alex Le Heux on IPv6 proposals [alexlh at Re: Links about IPv6 in Tor]

Marcus Wolschon Marcus at
Fri Jul 25 08:38:03 UTC 2008

>>The current version of the proposal for IPv6 exit support in Tor is


a few comments:

 * A Tor-Node needs to check if it not only has a global
   unicast ipv6-address but also that it can reach something
   with this adress (broken ipv6-routing is still common and
   may make the tor-network behave undesireable for users.)

 *  "1.4.2. SOCKSv5 IPv6 client behavior"
   SOCKS-binding to ipv6-adresses is already implemented and testet to work fine.

 * the proposal does not contain hidden services on IPv6
   where we have working and tested code for it. Does it
   only specify the changes that still need to be made?


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