moniTor -- a console-based monitoring tool for Tor relays

Robert Hogan robert at
Wed Jan 9 19:27:15 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 09 January 2008 14:00:52 Karsten Loesing wrote:
> Hi all,

This sounds like a very useful tool.

> (3) The event/log area contains a comprehensive view on the last N
> events. N would probably best be determined by the remaining display
> space in a console. Useful events might be log statements on WARN and
> ERR level (this level could be changed with a command-line argument to
> moniTor), DESCCHANGED, and STATUS_SERVER. Every event would be condensed
> to a single line by leaving out less important data like the current
> date (only display time) and truncate descriptions after a certain
> length. In addition, the complete events are written to a local file to
> enable reconstruction of errors later on.

This chimes with something I was thinking of the other day: a controller 
feature (GETEVENTS ?) that allows you to retrieve the last N events of a 
given type or severity. At the moment they just get blackholed, unless you're 
logging too - which AFAIK is not something Tor wants to encourage. This 
feature would be useful for controllers generally, since in some cases 
they're connecting to Tor 'soon' after it has started, rather than 

> ~  Recent events (see also /home/tor/gabelmoo/monitor.log):
> ~  14:30:01 [warn] Consensus does not include configured authority 'moria
> ~  14:30:01 [warn] Consensus does not include configured authority 'ides'
> ~  14:30:01 [warn] 0 unknown, 0 missing key, 2 good, 0 bad, 1 no signatur
> ~  14:30:01 [warn] Not enough info to publish pending consensus

Without logging enabled, the above wouldn't be possible unless the feature 
above is in place. 

I can do my usual flaky first patch to get it up and going if it's agreed to 
be a good idea.

Oh, and there's also no interface for dirconns at the moment either.
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