TBB build

Jacob Appelbaum jacob at appelbaum.net
Sat Dec 13 18:00:46 UTC 2008

Sebastian Hahn wrote:
> Hey Jake,
> I've followed the process to build a new TBB, and have found a few ways
> to tweak the INSTALL file. Please find a first patch at
> https://sebastianhahn.net/tor/TBB_INSTALL_PATCH_1.diff https://sebastianhahn.net/tor/TBB_INSTALL_PATCH_1.diff.asc

Ok. That looks reasonable. I'll apply the patch.

> Also, I ran into a rather larger problem. When we actually want to build
> the bundle, the INSTALL file tells you to svn co the torbrowser project
> from svn (including all branches and tags). This means the following
> calls to make don't work.

Hrm. You mean if you cd into the tag you want to to build, you cannot
build a specific tag?

> I tried checking out just the build-scripts directory from svn and then
> running make, but now the vidalia build could not be found (probably
> because the INSTALL file suggests moving the vidalia directory from
> vidalia-0.1.10 to vidalia, but the build script looks for something else).

Which build-scripts? trunk/ or something else? The Makefile has to point
to the right Vidalia, I suspect that may be an issue. ;-)

> This was when I suspected that I maybe shouldn't have just checked out
> the build-scripts dir, or trunk conflicts with the INSTALL file, or
> something else. Can you help clear this up? I need sleep now :)

Yeah, you want to not modify things locally if you want your build to
match my build. The exception is to modify them as the INSTALL document

I'll update trunk/ and you should try to build from trunk again. Good luck!


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