Status of Tor proposals and proposal process (March 2008)

nickm at nickm at
Mon Apr 14 00:00:02 UTC 2008

On Sun, Apr 13, 2008 at 04:08:40PM -0700, Mike Perry wrote:
> Thus spake Nick Mathewson (nickm at
> >    115  Two Hop Paths
> >    116  Two hop paths from entry guards
> > 
> >         These both are probably dead at this point: there's been no
> >         activity for some while.  Both have uncertain anonymity
> >         implications, especially in light of new path features (like
> >         bridges) and possible scalability features arma has in mind.
> >         If anybody wants to resurrect them, a first step will be a
> >         really thorough analysis of what different attackers can do
> >         against them.  Marking as DEAD.
> Please do not delete these (go ahead and put them in a DEAD directory
> if you would like, though).

Don't worry.  Proposals don't get deleted.  Look at the "Status" lines
near the heads of the files, and look at 000-index.txt : the only
thing involved in marking proposals as "Dead" is changing their status
to "Dead".  For more info, see 001-process.txt .


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