Status of Tor proposals and proposal process (March 2008)

Mike Perry mikeperry at
Sun Apr 13 23:08:40 UTC 2008

Thus spake Nick Mathewson (nickm at

>    115  Two Hop Paths
>    116  Two hop paths from entry guards
>         These both are probably dead at this point: there's been no
>         activity for some while.  Both have uncertain anonymity
>         implications, especially in light of new path features (like
>         bridges) and possible scalability features arma has in mind.
>         If anybody wants to resurrect them, a first step will be a
>         really thorough analysis of what different attackers can do
>         against them.  Marking as DEAD.

Please do not delete these (go ahead and put them in a DEAD directory
if you would like, though). I intend on revisiting them as soon as I
finish up with more immediate Tor tasks and lower hanging fruit. I
still believe the barriers are fundamentally engineering problems
rather than theoretical problems, but I do agree the proposals need a
rewrite to do a more clear job of enumerating and organizing the
anonymity considerations so that they are easier to grok. The prose in
115 can get a bit thick..

(And to put into perspective any fears that the anonymity issues of
two hop paths are too hairy to ever try to solve, I contend that
anonymity under Firefox is a far more fearsome beast ;)
Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist evil labs
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