Master's Thesis: Performance-Improved Onion Routing

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### Johannes Renner schrieb am 27. Sep (Do):

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> Hello everybody!
> I recently finished my diploma/master's thesis about improving the
> performance of Tor by modifying the methods that are used to select
> nodes. The title of my thesis is "Development and Evaluation of
> Path Selection Algorithms for Performance-Improved Onion Routing".
> New techniques of measuring performance in the Tor network are
> proposed, as well as methods of path selection that are based on
> the results of such measurings. Further, an implementation of the
> proposed techniques is presented. Included evaluations cover the
> performance that is reached on average, but also the degree of
> anonymity that is achieved when employing different methods of
> path selection.
> I decided not to publish a download-link, since eventually a
> summarizing paper will be written and published that concentrates
> on the most interesting aspects (and will not require the reader
> to read >100 pages). This naturally will take some time, so for
> anybody who is interested in my work I am willing to provide a
> pdf of my thesis, if you simply draw me a line.

Hiya Johannes,
 I am pretty interested in digging through you master thesis.
 So if you want to send me a link, I would appreciate that.

All the best,
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