Master's Thesis: Performance-Improved Onion Routing

Johannes Renner hannesrenner at
Thu Sep 27 15:41:16 UTC 2007

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Hello everybody!

I recently finished my diploma/master's thesis about improving the
performance of Tor by modifying the methods that are used to select
nodes. The title of my thesis is "Development and Evaluation of
Path Selection Algorithms for Performance-Improved Onion Routing".

New techniques of measuring performance in the Tor network are
proposed, as well as methods of path selection that are based on
the results of such measurings. Further, an implementation of the
proposed techniques is presented. Included evaluations cover the
performance that is reached on average, but also the degree of
anonymity that is achieved when employing different methods of
path selection.

I decided not to publish a download-link, since eventually a
summarizing paper will be written and published that concentrates
on the most interesting aspects (and will not require the reader
to read >100 pages). This naturally will take some time, so for
anybody who is interested in my work I am willing to provide a
pdf of my thesis, if you simply draw me a line.

For now, I would like to thank all people on this list who helped
me with my work and during GSoC!

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