bridge and bridge authority proposal

Michael_google gmail_Gersten keybounce at
Sat Nov 17 22:22:54 UTC 2007

I want to see if I understand bridges and their uses correctly.

A bridge is a Tor node, that talks to the rest of the tor network, and
acts as an entry guard. However, unlike normal tor nodes/entry guards,
there is no public list of all bridges; instead, you have to know a
bridge's IP address, or identity key. There are central servers that
can be queried for a key, and will return an IP address, but without
some privately passed information, there is no tor.

The intent of bridges is to act like an HTTPS: server -- the
communication between entry node and bridge user looks just like an
secure web page. The idea is to hide that you are using Tor. For this,
they act, by default, on port 443 where possible. If not, they
currently use 9001.

If I understand that much, then my I suggest using 8000, or 8080, or
some other "user web server" port? 9001 is a normal tor port, and
easily blocked by someone trying to block tor.

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