[or-cvs] r12599: more progress on the geoip proposal (tor/trunk/doc/spec/proposals)

Robert Hogan robert at roberthogan.net
Thu Nov 29 20:58:16 UTC 2007

>Is it sufficient just to add a new GETINFO command?
>    GETINFO ip-to-country/
>  250+ip-to-country/"US","USA","UNITED STATES"

Other commands that would be useful:

1. 'getinfo servers/[COUNTRYCODE]' giving a list of servers with that 
2. setconf  ExcludeCountryCodes
3. setconf IncludeCountryCodes

But why not absorb the countrycode into the server descriptor and have it 
assigned by the authorities?

This would:

- prevent possible partitioning attacks arising from different versions of the 
geoip db floating around (if bootstrap versions are supplied).
- save bandwidth (the db would be shared by authorities only)
- save client/relay processing power

Something like:

@downloaded-at 2007-11-29 19:45:13
@source ""
@geoip US Boston X-ordinate Y-ordinate


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