Tunneling to directory authorities and mirrors

Karsten Loesing karsten.loesing at gmx.net
Wed May 23 18:55:36 UTC 2007

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after some hours of trying and the confirmation of weasel, I realized
that tunneling of connections to directories does not work, yet.
However, I discovered some reasons that could be responsible for that
which I want to share with you. I tried to fix it by myself, but failed
for the moment. Maybe the guy that envisioned the concepts would have an
easier job to fix it -- or tell me about the status of the
implementation, so that I can have another try?

In directory_initiate_command() there is a variable want_to_tunnel that
should be true if the connection should be tunneled over Tor. But it
always evaluates to false, because some expressions on the right side
never evaluate to true:

- - supports_begindir: For which Tor version is this supposed to be true?
Even the current SVN trunk evaluates to false. (This could be on
purpose, because it is really _not_ supported at the moment.)

- - !private_connection: Shouldn't it be the opposite, so that private
connections _are_ tunneled over Tor?

- - or_port: This is always 0, though the directory authority has an open
and functioning OR port. Maybe the value has not been set? On the other
hand, dir_port has been set correctly.

But even overriding want_to_tunnel with 1 for private_connections does
not get it working -- probably because it is not completely implemented.

Any suggestions or implementation status reports are welcome! :)

- --Karsten
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