TODO: Add a way to request DNS resolves from the controller

Robert Hogan robert at
Wed Jun 20 21:36:22 UTC 2007

I've implemented a rudimentary version of this.

I think I have the fundamentals right (it works) but I'm not sure about the 
interface. The controller requests resolves with:

250 OK

And tor responds with:


Internally, performing a resolve request enables the RESOLVE event for that 
controller. But you only get a RESOLVE event whenever you request one.

I've implemented it as an event rather than a getinfo because of the expected 
latency of the response.

This approach breaks the spec a bit, in that 650 events now occur when you 
perform a SETEVENTS or implicity enable a RESOLVE event by performing a 

Should I continue on the basis of this approach or is there a strong 
preference to make the requests something like getinfo resolve/ ?


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