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Robert Hogan robert at
Sun Jun 17 15:43:48 UTC 2007

On Sunday 17 June 2007 16:13:28 Nick Mathewson wrote:
> On Sun, Jun 17, 2007 at 02:14:21PM +0100, Robert Hogan wrote:
>  [...]
> > Hi Nick,
> >
> > That's a much better idea. Patch attached. The extension format in the
> > control-spec hasn't been implemented yet (so far as I can tell) so I've
> > gone along with the current method. Am I right on this? If so, would you
> > like someone to do it?
> Applied; looks ok.  (The extension format in control-spec _is_ the one
> that's implemented in control.c, as far as I can tell. Am I missing
> something?)

Reading the spec, I expected to see 'setevents extended' produce something 

      650-CIRC 1000 EXTENDED moria1,moria2 0xBEEF
      650 ANONYMITY=high

rather than

      650 CIRC 1000 EXTENDED moria1,moria2 0xBEEF EXTRAMAGIC=99 ANONYMITY=high

Closer reading shows that both should be expected. Haven't checked the code to 
see if both formats are implemented. But will do.

> > At the moment, extended events get displayed regardless of the controller
> > directive. There's a one-liner in the patch to fix that.
> Actually, that's not the intention.  The idea is that extended events
> are the way we should have designed events from the start, and having
> them off-by-default is just a backward compatibility feature.  Once
> you say you want extended events, _all_ the events you get are in the
> extended format.
> peace,

If you don't want controllers to turn off extended events (even when they try) 
once they've turned them on then that's fine. Hard to think of a situation in 
which the controller would want to switch between the two.


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