cross build tor

Hao Jiajie guorke at
Wed Jun 6 05:44:39 UTC 2007

thanks for you help
> There are a lot of changes in the way handles searching
> for libraries; does work any better for you?

I did not try, but i tryied tor-, first i meet some errors
about libevent, openssl(about cross-build), then i searched google,then
i can cross build tor in  my gentoo.

i have a qestion,what's the normal way to build tor.exe(and other related
lib, like zlib,openssl,libevent)  for windows?
it musted not cygwin,then msvc? mingw? or cross-build in linux?

some cross app have a cross build sh , like colinux, just run ./,
then everything is ok. (you know sometimes msys can not work fine)

thanks again!

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