constrained socket buffers patch

coderman coderman at
Wed Jul 11 21:54:16 UTC 2007

hi Andrew, all,

attached is the constrained sockets patch.  apologies for the delay;
still have DSL problems at home.

to enable this feature set:

ConstrainedSockets 1

in your configuration.  this will limit the recv and xmit buffers
associated with TCP sockets to the default 4096 bytes.  you can also
alter the default explicitly via:

ConstrainedSockSize 2048

the value must be between 2048 and 262144 in 1024 byte increments.
attempting to set an invalid value should produce an error at start.
see the (patched) man page for additional details.

to patch:
cd tor-
patch -p1 < ../tor-constrained-sockets.patch

then build as usual (vary per your reqs):
./configure --prefix=/usr --sysconfdir=/etc && make && make install

let me know if this appears to work!  you may try adjusting the
buffers down as low as 2048 if you still get problems at 4096,
however, i don't think this is likely.

best regards,
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