Problem compiling with m4 1.4.5

mickey mickey at
Tue Jan 16 17:36:23 UTC 2007


thanks for your fast reply!

phobos at schrieb:
> 	Are you trying to compile tor from the tarball?  Or from the
> 	source rpm?
im building from the source tarball.

> 	Are there any errors in "configure"?  Are you trying to
> 	"make" or "make dist-rpm"?
no errors from configure.

in fact im crosscompiling for mips architecture but this wasnt a problem

im a maintainer for a tor package to run on fritzbox wich is a very
common dsl router from/in germany and ive been buildung tor a couple of
times before just the same way.

other users of my package report that things are still working for them.

as i wrote before it is probably a problem about m4. its the only piece
in the puzzle that has changed recently. another guy from our dev team
upgraded his m4 installation to v1.4.5 and now got the same problem.

> 	And finally, is this a 64-bit fc6 installation?
my build host is an athlon x86 system.

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