NETINFO cell spec ambiguities?

Christian Seberino chris at
Thu Jan 11 02:54:14 UTC 2007

> On Tue, Jan 09, 2007 at 02:50:22PM -0500, chris at wrote:
>> Sorry to be pedantic.  I don't want to make any mistakes...
>> The NETINFO cell section of spec right *before* section 5
>> refers reader to section 6.4 for details of NETINFO cell payload.
> Hi again Chris!
> NETINFO is from the draft for the next version of the Tor spec.  It
> isn't in the current version.  There may have been some confusinon
> about which version _was_ the current version: I've tried to clear
> that up.

Hmmm. How soon will this NETINFO'd version be out?  I want to stay current
but I also want to work with existing Tor network.  Perhaps best would be
to target the bleeding edge spec for starters and later make the
(hopefully few :) mods to make it operable in current network?


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