001-process.txt thoughts

phobos at rootme.org phobos at rootme.org
Tue Feb 20 02:41:35 UTC 2007

	Overall, I think 001-process.txt is acceptable.  If you don't
	know what I'm talking about, see

	There is one paragraph over which I do have a concern.

"Like an RFC, every proposal gets a number.  Unlike RFCs, proposals can
change over time and keep the same number.  The history for each
proposal will be stored in the Tor Subversion repository."

	My concern is that versions of a proposal will change over time,
	but not the proposal number.  The proposal numbers will need to
	be referred to in the view of svn revisions to determine which
	version of a proposal is up for discussion.  Say we implement
	UDP over Tor.  As the proposal matures, it may be substantially
	different than originally intended.  Or, after it is
	implemented, we want to update it to UDPv2 or something.  I
	understand, perhaps mistakenly, the current proposal process
	would allow the author of the proposal to simply commit a new
	version of the UDP over Tor spec as the same proposal number.

	I'd like to see proposal numbers, once accepted, freeze.  I also
	propose that the spec number is the same as the proposal number.  

	I'm also leery of building too onerous a process around this.

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