[ANNOUNCE] Tor-UPNP. Need feedback.

Kyle Williams kyle.kwilliams at gmail.com
Fri Dec 28 03:16:43 UTC 2007

Download at:  http://www.janusvm.com/pub/Tor-UPNP.zip
Tor-UPNP is based on the PERL UPNP project: http://perlupnp.sourceforge.net/
It's been over 5 years since I worked with PERL, so things might be a bit
funky.  The zip file includes a EXE for windows built with the PerlDEV Kit.

I had to make some heavy modifications to the upnpgwtool.pl and a few lite
modifications to Gateway.pm module to get this working with PPP and DHCP. I
also removed the 'delete' and 'list' features from this tool. Reason being
that I wasn't able to get a single successful test using those commands. I
even tried using Intel's UPNP Tools with Wireshark and have come to the
conclusion that my ActionTec router is a piece of shit. However, I'm not
worried about being able to remove entries right now.  Apple, Microsoft, and
Sony just add a new port forwarding entry without checking to see if the
entry already exists.  I'm starting to think that maybe their reason is the
same as mine.

The Gateway.pm module was using only:
when some routers only respond to:

Routers that respond to WANPPPConnection are using PPPoE to get an IP.
Routers that respond to WANIPConnection are using DHCP to get an IP.

With Tor-UPNP, it will attempt to try WANIPConnection first.  
If WANIPConnection fails then it will try to use WANPPPConnection.
If WANPPPConnection fails then it will give an error message and die.

This tool will automatically probe for the external IP address, your
internal IP address, then attempt to setup the port forwarding on the ports
you specify on the command line.

SYNTAX: Tor-UPNP.exe OR_Port [DIR_Port]

Please post feedback.  I would appreciate knowing:
- Did it work or fail
- What brand and model of router you are using.

This is licensed under the GPL...it's free.  
Use it for whatever you want.  Source code included!!!
I don't even care if I get credit, but it would be nice.
We will be including this in the next release of JanusVM.
I just want Tor to use UPNP!! Setup those Exit nodes by default, then let
someone opt out if they want to. :)


- Kyle

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