bug in uninstaller

phobos at rootme.org phobos at rootme.org
Tue Aug 14 20:53:39 UTC 2007

On Thu, Aug 09, 2007 at 10:43:31PM +0200, vikingserver at gmail.com wrote 0.9K bytes in 21 lines about:
: I recently uninstalled the tor bundle, in order to install the new tor0204.
: Normally i just install the bundle on top of the previous installation,
: but this time I did like you normally should when you have upgraded a
: program for more than 30 times and the default folder has changed...

The default folder hasn't changed, at least from the packages.  It's
still /Library/Tor/.

: I uninstalled, and whoops suddenly my torrc, fingerprint, secret key and
: all disappeared!

Right, this is by design.  The uninstaller is designed to wipe Tor and
traces from the system.

: Please urgently change the uninstaller so that it leaves the settings!!!

I believe this has been discussed previously.  People fell into two
camps; one insisted on the user making backups; and, the other wanted an option to the
uninstaller for removing user data (torrc, fingerprint, etc).  We left
it as is.  I'd rather add a warning to uninstall.txt or something
similar.  Or add an option to backup changed files to a tarball
somewhere.  Thoughts?

: If you want the option to remove all settings, you could leave the user
: a choice. Please fix this. Maybe you also should announce it on the
: or-talk or announce list. As you have changed the default folder, others

What do you think the default folder was previously?


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