A Java-based Tor simulator -- where can I share it?

Karsten Loesing karsten.loesing at gmx.net
Mon Apr 23 12:55:49 UTC 2007

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> very nice! im very looking forward to this one .. 
> how is traffic generated in the simulation? do you have sort of a rule
> based generator or do i still need manual interaction?

At the moment you can just start a thread that performs one request in
the background. But of course you can start many of those threads with
your own timing pattern to implement your own traffic generator. In
fact, this might be one of the first additions. So if you have
implemented such a traffic generator, please contribute it! :)

>> We are happy to add projects like this to the Tor SVN repository when it
>> makes sense (and in this case it probably does). The usual approach is
>> for the author to put a tarball up somewhere first, so we can grab it and
>> look through it to see what it actually is, whether it's ready or wants
>> a lot of revision before it goes 'live', etc. If you don't have any place
>> to post a tarball, let me know and I can give you some web space on moria.

I put it on

where it will be available for the next two weeks or so. I hope that we
will find a better solution during this time.

>> We'll probably want to make a new module in SVN for this, and for other
>> projects as they come up. We don't really have a formal process for
>> picking names for new modules, since we've only done it a handful of
>> times so far, so the current plan is to continue winging it. :)


>> I'm not clear on what your question is here. Our favorite license
>> currently is the 3-clause BSD license, and the rest of the projects in Tor
>> SVN use that license too. If you want to use 3-clause BSD too, feel free
>> to grab the text of it from a Tor tarball, change the names, years, etc,
>> and now you have your own shiny new license. Is this what you were asking?

Yes, that was what I was asking. I copied some files and changed them.
If I messed things up, please tell me.

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