Hidden Descriptor and DHT

Krishna Sankar ksankar at gte.net
Wed May 3 02:27:43 UTC 2006


	With due respect to you, I didn't get a good set of answers for a couple of my question. Yep, I got the the general problem frame - security and related artifacts. Thanks. 

	a)	Is this still a good problem to work on ? i.e. do we have a scaling pain point w.r.t. Hidden Descriptors ? If the upper limit is ~10K servers and we have only 100, it might be better for me to work on some other tor topics, in the coding and design domain. 
	b)	From my limited knowledge, hidden servers are trusted servers and so we might be able to run SCTP between them as an inter-server protocol.

	Going back to a) what other challenges are more pressing ?  4. Asybc DNS ? 6. Better buffer design ? 9. reverse DNS ? 


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