Hidden Descriptor and DHT

Krishna Sankar ksankar at gte.net
Mon May 1 18:30:04 UTC 2006

Am looking into couple of solutions to separate the storage/lookup system - all using DHT, possibly a set of primitives on top of Chord. Couple of quick questions:
	a)	Is this still a project to work on ? Who else is working on this ?
	b)	How many servers and how many entries would normally be there ? Would help if I have some order of magnitude - back of the envelope type calculations
	c)	What kind of redundancy could we plan on ? Say 3 distinct copies of entries ?
	d)	How esoteric do we want this to be ? Is it Ok to take time to rebalance ?
	e)	Any thoughts on SCTP as an inter-server protocol ? Better heartbeat, multiple data and control channels et al
	f)	Haven't yet focused on the security aspects, which is my next TBD. Thoughts ?


P.S: For many reasons, I have tried to send this mail a few times and obviously, have not yet succeeded ;o( Will keep on trying ...

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