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On Thu, Jun 15, 2006 at 12:44:21PM +0200, ge at wrote 3.0K bytes in 71 lines about:
: Ok, looking at your files, the biggest difference is probably that you're
: running as an exit node and I'm strictly middle-man (my testnode is "gvg4"
: btw). I've opened my DirPort.

	I tested middleman node with varying memory levels.  I could
	never get the WSAENOBUFS error this way.  It's only with an exit
	node did the problems arise.

: If it starts to generate WSAENOBUFs at 4-5 MB of nppool usage, I'm starting
: to wonder if this is nppool related. Even on a system with 96Mb of physical
: RAM, nppool should be able to grow to around 38Mb.
	My best guess, and Mike seems to corroborate this guess, is the
	non-paged pool sizing issue with -Home and -Professional
	editions of Windows XP and 2000.  We could be completely off

	I've been trying to run IDA Pro against exit node configured Tor
	on XP Home to no avail.  IDA Pro crashes long before Tor
	generates WSAENOBUFS errors.  

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