Strange sockets...

freddyz77 at freddyz77 at
Wed Jul 26 09:32:14 UTC 2006

I'm doing some check with windows server to detect XP client problem. I 
just configured a server, reduce memory used by windows. I could see 
that after some hours (I run server for 8 hours) handles keep to 
raise... I arrive to 440 handles allocated (I used process explorer 
from sysinternals site). I noted that many existing connections are to 
or port. Why they keep growing. Why do a server that could handle only 
37Kb (this is my limit) have an hundred of connections? I think these 
connection are quite expensive. I also noted that there are some 
additional listening sockets!!! It seems that tor do not close 
listening connection doing socketpair. However I tried to extract 
socketpair code in a test program and socketpair close listening socket 
releasing port... quite strange, don't you think so. Could anyone that 
have a windows tor server up use process explorer to see if it has such 
listening sockets??


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