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Frediano Ziglio freddyz77 at
Thu Aug 3 19:25:10 UTC 2006

Il giorno gio, 03/08/2006 alle 03.47 -0400, Nick Mathewson ha scritto:
> On Tue, Aug 01, 2006 at 07:50:39PM +0200, Frediano Ziglio wrote:
>  [..]
> > So, here you are an updated patch
> Thanks!  I've checked it in.  Does this mean that the new eventdns
> code works on windows now, or only that it compiles? :)

Good question... I mainly use tor as client... I used as server only to
check socket problem and I used packaged version. I don't know if
eventdns was enabled when I compiled for client use...
Well, I was just doing some tests for XP problem so I launched server
for 8 hours and looked at handle count on task manager (a sort of top
for who are used to unix). Handle count keep growing but not so much as
I would expect. I grep-ed code to find possible no-freed socket (closed
with close instead of closesocket) and I came to eventdns.c.
I also wrote a mail on this ML asking some informations from someone how
manage a tor server but I receive no reply :( just to remember is seems
that socketpair is a bit broken cause it do not free listening socket
but when I tried to extract the function and make a small test programs
it works... quite strange... oh... I have to say that my project use
ws2_32.lib instead of wsock32.lib... but teorically should be the
Well.. another problem is ulimit.. windows don't have ulimit but I think
that 15000 (the default limit if not specified and ulimit not detected)
is too much for a windows client...

Hope that these information help and I hope somebody could help me too
to fix this problem...


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