Tor website repository has moved to Subversion.

Nick Mathewson nickm at
Tue Aug 22 00:30:25 UTC 2006

Hi, all.  This is to announce that the Tor website has moved to the
Subversion repository, to join our code and other misc related
projects.  This should really only matter to people who need to make
changes to the website, or look at the source for the website.

For subversion read access, use the subversion URL

If you had write access to the website on the old CVS repository, I'll
need to set up write access for you here.  To set up a password, log
into Moria (or any unix machine with Apache), and run
  htdigest -c tor.passwd.tmp 'Tor subversion repository' <your username here>

Get the contents of the new "tor.passwd.tmp" file to me by some
authenticated means (like sticking it in your homedir on moria, or
emailing it to me PGP-signed); I'll enable write access for the

If you need info on using subversion, just ask, or see the online
documentation.  For Windows users, we recommend the "Tortoise SVN"

Nick Mathewson
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