following on from today's discussion

Chris Palmer chris at
Mon Aug 21 18:05:06 UTC 2006

Robert Hogan writes:

> It's not a matter of speculation. Using Tor expands the number of
> potential eavesdroppers by at least the number of exit nodes in the
> Tor network. 

I understood the question to be something like, "Are Tor operators more
likely to be eavesdroppers than regular IP-layer router operators, layer
2 snoopers, spyware authors, and other meanies?"  Maybe I misunderstood.

There are so many opportunities for eavesdropping, and they are so often
taken (on small and global scales), that worrying about Tor operators is
relatively minor -- especially since if you really want security, you're
already using end-to-end encryption anyway.  It's moot.

> I don't think the law is much consolation for someone who wants to
> remain anonymous!

Again, I'm not saying -- I never even sort of said -- that people who
want anonymity should pin their hopes on Tor operators knowing and
observing US law.

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