(FWD) Re: Win XP, Tor, and WSAENOBUFS

Brian Szymanski ski at indymedia.org
Thu Apr 6 17:29:54 UTC 2006

> [Whoops, I locked down or-dev more than I should have. Forwarding a few
> messages from this thread. Brian, do you have any sense of how hard this
> registry hack would be? The cynic in me says that Microsoft would lose
> a lot of money if people learned how to make their non-server Windowses
> stable, so they would not make it easy. -RD]

I'm afraid I don't have any idea how hard the registry hack would be. All
I know is, you can reproduce the problem with some combination of YABC (a
bittorrent client), and winamp playing videos on a samba share and other
light browsing of same. Agreed largely with your analysis of MS's motives,
but there are lots of well known registry hacks to make windows 2000 and
xp "workstation" a lot more like their server versions (for scheduling,
filecache and memory usage, etc.)

In particular, I wonder if something here would do the trick:

As someone else mentioned, though, this does NOT happen with apache
running on windows xp professional, so it seems to me that the problem is
some combination of software written in a way that MS doesn't like and the
"non-server" versions being slightly crippled^H^H^H^H^H^H^Hoptimized for a
different use case...


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> Subject: Re: Win XP, Tor, and WSAENOBUFS
> From: Brian Szymanski <ski at indymedia.org>
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> By the way folks, I run tor on my freebsd box, not my XP box, but I have
> the same problem on XP just from from running a bittorrent client that is
> saving to a (samba) network drive. I doubt I'm the only one, but I also
> don't think Microsoft cares much about folks using bittorrent and/or tor.
> So, since the problem isn't tor-specific, I would argue (FWIW) that the
> best fix would be a registry hack that tells XP Home/Pro to be smarter
> about network traffic like the server editions.
> Cheers,
> Brian Szymanski
> ski at indymedia.org
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Brian Szymanski
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