Static compiling tor?

Aron Homberg info at
Mon Apr 17 03:40:46 UTC 2006

Hi Peter,

> > Because I cannot create a jar-package for
> > each linux distro I decided to compile
> > tor/tsocks static but thats my real problem:
> That won't help.  Your statically compiled tor for powerpc will not run
> on my sparc running linux.  Just like Roger's amd64 Tor will not run on
> Nick's arm.  And Phobos' i386 binary will not run on Jake's mipsel.
> Linux is not just for one platform.
Yes, that true. I only want to provide packages  
for the x86 platform at the moment ;-)

I'm creating a gentoo linux based
build environment now which providing a 
static openssl lib and a static glibc with 
nss-lib enabled and disabled pthread, mlib.

I want to link tor/tsocks static against this libs.
Perhaps this helps zu build a totally static tor binary
running fine on _every linux distro running on a 
processor with x86 architecture_ ;-)

Thanks for your response,

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