Cell size

RM romanrm at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 04:15:13 UTC 2005


I see there are quite frequent new releases of TOR, but each time
while reading changelogs I am being disappointed by absence of
progress or any mention of the 512-byte cell size issue:

I have recently told about tor a couple of my friends, they are very
interested in using it (mostly for IRC), but like me, can't do this
because of its large traffic consumption.

So, I have a idea/question: is it possible to create a special version
of TOR that would exchange data between MY computer and the ENTRY tor
node in arbitrary-sized cells (or at least perhaps in 16 or
32-bytes-long cells?) Would this require such version to be installed
on the remote side(entry node), too?
With Respect,

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