GPG problem with Tor RPM

Chris chris at
Mon Mar 21 21:38:31 UTC 2005


On Mon 21-Mar-2005 at 04:04:13PM -0500, Roger Dingledine
> My first guess is that you're failing to import my key
> into your rpm db.

Yeah, that was my first guess too :-)

> Have you gotten this working with other programs, and
> other keys?

Yes, most of them most of the time...

> Some versions of rpm are rumored to have bugs where rpm
> --import silently fails.

Yeah I remember hearing this somewhere also...

> I just repeated these steps on my FC1 machine, and it
> claims to be missing the key too. So it's not that it's
> getting a *bad* signature, it just fails to learn about
> the key.

I have tried on FC1 and FC3, same results.

> rpm -K works fine for me on my RC73 machine (where rpm
> actually uses gpg).

Ahh, interesting, perhaps we should check the Red Hat

> In any case, I double-checked and the rpms available
> from are still in fact the ones that I
> uploaded, so I think all is well on that front.

Yeah, I wasn't too woried about this ;-)

> This is why I've been pushing Jeff Moe (cc'ed) to handle
> our RPM distribution. I'm just winging it, and tend to
> put actual Tor development higher priority. :)

That sounds like a fine plan!

> >   cd `rpm --eval '%{_sourcedir}'`
> > 
> >   wget
> > 
> >   gpg --verify tor- 
> >   gpg: Signature made Wed 23 Feb 2005 06:33:29 GMT using DSA key ID 28988BF5
> >   gpg: BAD signature from "Roger Dingledine <arma at>"
> Right, this is because our "make dist-rpm" builds its
> own tarball and then makes an rpm out of it. So it won't
> use the same tarball as is uploaded to the site.

Ah, I see.

> If anybody wants to submit a patch to make it use the
> official tarball, that would be great.

Well I'm sorry to say that I'm probably not up to doing



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