Building tor for mipsel (revisited)

Ferdinand O. Tempel ftempel at
Sun Jan 9 23:54:55 UTC 2005


As you might know/remember, I'm using tor on my Linksys WRT54G(S) router
running OpenWRT.

I packaged tor for openwrt before (and I will for too),
but I also took a CVS checkout since alledgedly it uses less resources.
That's nothing exciting, but to crosscompile for a different
architecture I have to hack around a couple of annoyances in the whole
autoconf thing. Attached you'll find the patch I'm using to get tor to
build for my architecture. I introduced a configuration parameter
(--disable-ssl-check) which skips the actual checking of the ssl
include/library paths. Note that if you use it, you'll have to make
really sure OpenSSL's development stuff is installed on your system (or
in --with-ssl-dir) :-)

This makes my life easier for crosscompiling, maybe it's of use to
someone else too.

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