Traffic class QoS patch wanted?

Mike Perry mikepery at
Fri Feb 25 00:59:49 UTC 2005

Thus spake Geoffrey Goodell (goodell at

> Mike,
> In essence, your proposal is functionally equivalent to IP
> Differentiated Services (DiffServ), RFC 2474.
> As with DiffServ, your proposal has several shortcomings regarding what
> you describe as "cheating."  It is always in the best interests of an
> individual client to cheat if it can, and your method for preventing
> cheating (i.e., checking the port number) will yield both false
> positives and false negatives.

So I've got some travelling to do the next couple weeks, but I'll try
to find some time to read up on some QoS literature and determine the
right way to balance between the queues. I'm concerned that doing the
queuing wrong would incur too much delay on the low prio traffic
(since it would be penalized like 3 or 4 times through the circuit).

Mike Perry
Mad Computer Scientist evil labs

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