Another problem on Win32

Hideki Saito hsaito at
Sun Sep 5 08:45:42 UTC 2004

This problem is more of just FYI as it is only verified in self-created
binary on Windows. (basically original source plus applied, which is
similar to workaround of not calling   in Win32.)

It seems like sometimes in find_intro_circuit is called with NULL
pointer for routerinfo_t *router, causing to crash in strcasecmp(),
which usually happens after a while after starting tor with Hidden
Service setting.
It seems like having this function return NULL when such case occurs
(i.e. if(!router) return NULL;) makes the program going without
apparent problem.

This problem is well anticipated, when Win32 version can read file
correctly in the official code as well.)

Hideki Saito mailto:hsaito at

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