Tor 0.0.9pre4 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Sun Oct 17 06:53:00 UTC 2004

We have several new config options working now. The major bugfix is that
pre3 servers have a default exit policy of reject *:* -- so if that's you,
please take a moment to upgrade. :)

(use -dPr tor-0_0_9pre4 if you want to check out from cvs)

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9pre3:
    - If the server doesn't specify an exit policy, use the real default
      exit policy, not reject *:*.
    - Ignore fascistfirewall when uploading/downloading hidden service
      descriptors, since we go through Tor for those; and when using
      an HttpProxy, since we assume it can reach them all.
    - When looking for an authoritative dirserver, use only the ones
      configured at boot. Don't bother looking in the directory.
    - The rest of the fix for get_default_conf_file() on older win32.
    - Make 'Routerfile' config option obsolete.

  o Features:
    - New 'MyFamily nick1,...' config option for a server to
      specify other servers that shouldn't be used in the same circuit
      with it. Only believed if nick1 also specifies us.
    - New 'NodeFamily nick1,nick2,...' config option for a client to
      specify nodes that it doesn't want to use in the same circuit.
    - New 'Redirectexit pattern address:port' config option for a
      server to redirect exit connections, e.g. to a local squid.

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