compliment: Without Dots internet (WIDOTI)

Euseval at Euseval at
Sun Oct 17 00:43:38 UTC 2004

Hi Gwren

compliment ! The discussion with others has brought gain.
The new version 0511  of ants with ID-Numbers is a revolution.

You invented the internet new! 
The question is now, if ants is int he identity of a layer as well for other apps, or if ants is just a proxy, or if it is a new internet, or if it is just a filesharing app.

Ok, users will use it for filesharing. IMHO it has more shining than WASTE or Gnutella.

The architecture is well designed and really secure and earlier on the market as TOR, which is the most as well regarded app next to 6/4, which was closed because of TOR or freenet, which never allowed searching.

Relly my compliments. I think this new thing shoudlt ravel around the papers in the world.

Every IP gets a new the same long Number without dots.
This is the new "without-Dots-internet" (WID(i)OT-I-NET).

The WIDOTINET is really private in the greek sense.

So ... answering the identity of WIDOTI

I think at the moment (yes on speed as well, but we have to test the torrent protocol with a growing userbase for partials) to use the WIDOTI-net for all other apps

e.g, an instant messenger and for all other second genration p2p apps as an layer.

So .. if every WIDOTI-NET gets a new witout dots IP, then we could do messaging and we could send packets over ants from gntuella, kazaa, emule etc.

So the built in Browser is just an example for other apps, which must not be built in.

Thanks for all, the app is IMHO ready to be implemented in other creatures to see which evolution it takes.  

An instant messenger could be used with WIDOTI-NET underlayed, if in an acceptable time the ID is found and the message is routed. This asked for the same question for gntuella to find the GUID of a client. Sahreaza bord users say, this is not possible with g2. Morpheus introduced a DHT, that allows searching a user all over the world.

So ... Finding an ID on WIDOTI-Net means, we may get DHTS in ants, to find ID on the net.

So not ultrapeers or hubs, which gnutella uses, but DHT ´s are the future not only to index files, but as well to find ID´s

Would it be possible to implement a Meta-gnutella-Hub-net ***ON/OVER*** ants to find an ID in short time to adress a Instant message to this ID ? Mh.. why should ants not find it,w ithout a overlayed network, shoudl be workign right now ?

This is a question of scaling, if every ID on the NET will be found in short time. 

Hope we get much users soon to test the scaling to find ID´s on the WIDOTI-NET.

You really invented the wheel: 

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