what do you do with no intro points?

Douglas F.Calvert dfc at anize.org
Sat Nov 27 02:15:47 UTC 2004

I am not exactly sure what the following means:

Nov 26 20:58:18.813 [warn] circuit_get_open_circ_or_launch(): Couldn't 
get an intro point for 'xxxxxxxxxxxxxx'. Closing.

There are other entries in my logs but I am not sure what is relevant 
and do not want to spam the list with a big debug log.

The system i want to connect to could be down, i am not sure because i 
can not connect to it in any manner other than the hidden service. Will 
tor identify the difference between not being able to find an intro 
point for a service and the remote tor node being unavailable?

  In the best case scenario should alice handpick  HiddenServiceNodes 
and RendNodes or should they be chosen at random? And if alice should 
pick these nodes how should she do so? If she runs a node or number of 
nodes should she use these nodes?

Douglas F. Calvert
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