Tor 0.0.9rc3 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Fri Nov 26 02:23:58 UTC 2004

On Thu, Nov 25, 2004 at 06:01:26PM -0800, Hideki Saito wrote:
> For some reason, it seems like Windows version is completely dead.
> Verified to work on Mac OS X version on same network, but with two
> Windows computers I've tried, both my version (rc3) and official
> version (rc1 -- btw, it seems like rc2 official installer is
> corrupted.)

0.0.9rc1 has broken socks5 support. If you use socks4 or socks4a (such
as via privoxy), then it ought to work.

Nick will do an exe for 0.0.9rc3 sometime this weekend when he returns
to his windows computer. I don't have windows so I don't know whether
the rc2 installer is corrupted, but that would be a shame. :)

Does this help, or is there a different bug that we haven't found yet?


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