Tor 0.0.9rc3 is out

Hideki Saito hidekis at
Fri Nov 26 02:01:26 UTC 2004

For some reason, it seems like Windows version is completely dead.

Verified to work on Mac OS X version on same network, but with two
Windows computers I've tried, both my version (rc3) and official
version (rc1 -- btw, it seems like rc2 official installer is

Still trying to go through some log analysis, but there's no [warn]
output that seems relavant.
Basically, it sits there on "Waiting reply" for long time, and
eventually browser time outs.

On Thu, 25 Nov 2004 00:48:32 -0500, Roger Dingledine <arma at> wrote:
> This is the third release candidate for 0.0.9. I think we're getting
> close. Keep the bug reports coming.
> tarball:
> signature:
> (use -dPr tor-0_0_9rc3 if you want to check out from cvs)
>   o Bugfixes on
>     - Flush the log file descriptor after we print "Tor opening log file",
>       so we don't see those messages days later.
>   o Bugfixes on 0.0.9rc1:
>     - Make tor-resolve work again.
>     - Avoid infinite loop in tor-resolve if tor hangs up on it.
>     - Fix an assert trigger for clients/servers handling resolves.

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