Tor 0.0.9pre5 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Wed Nov 10 04:43:53 UTC 2004

New features include a more sane log config format; hibernation so you
can, say, offer 30GB for the month and then wait until the next month
to start offering more; and a remote control interface that could let
a GUI get/set config options, learn about events, etc. These all need
more testing.

win32 exe:
win32 sig:
(use -dPr tor-0_0_9pre5 if you want to check out from cvs)

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9pre4:
    - Fix a seg fault in unit tests (doesn't affect main program).
    - Fix an assert bug where a hidden service provider would fail if
      the first hop of his rendezvous circuit was down.
    - Hidden service operators now correctly handle version 1 style
      INTRODUCE1 cells (nobody generates them still, so not a critical
    - If do_hup fails, actually notice.
    - Handle more errnos from accept() without closing the listener.
      Some OpenBSD machines were closing their listeners because
      they ran out of file descriptors.
    - Send resolve cells to exit routers that are running a new
      enough version of the resolve code to work right.
    - Better handling of winsock includes on non-MSV win32 compilers.
    - Some people had wrapped their tor client/server in a script
      that would restart it whenever it died. This did not play well
      with our "shut down if your version is obsolete" code. Now people
      don't fetch a new directory if their local cached version is
      recent enough.
    - Make our work on ksh as well as bash.

  o Major Features:
    - Hibernation: New config option "AccountingMaxKB" lets you
      set how many KBytes per month you want to allow your server to
      consume. Rather than spreading those bytes out evenly over the
      month, we instead hibernate for some of the month and pop up
      at a deterministic time, work until the bytes are consumed, then
      hibernate again. Config option "MonthlyAccountingStart" lets you
      specify which day of the month your billing cycle starts on.
    - Control interface: a separate program can now talk to your
      client/server over a socket, and get/set config options, receive
      notifications of circuits and streams starting/finishing/dying,
      bandwidth used, etc. The next step is to get some GUIs working.
      Let us know if you want to help out. See doc/control-spec.txt .
    - Ship a contrib/ as an example script to interact
      with the control port.
    - "tor --hash-password zzyxz" will output a salted password for
      use in authenticating to the control interface.
    - New log format in config:
      "Log minsev[-maxsev] stdout|stderr|syslog" or
      "Log minsev[-maxsev] file /var/foo"

  o Minor Features:
    - DirPolicy config option, to let people reject incoming addresses
      from their dirserver.
    - "tor --list-fingerprint" will list your identity key fingerprint
      and then exit.
    - Add "pass" target for RedirectExit, to make it easier to break
      out of a sequence of RedirectExit rules.
    - Clients now generate a TLS cert too, in preparation for having
      them act more like real nodes.
    - Ship src/win32/ in the tarball, so people can use it to build.
    - Make old win32 fall back to CWD if SHGetSpecialFolderLocation
      is broken.
    - New "router-status" line in directory, to better bind each verified
      nickname to its identity key.
    - Deprecate unofficial config option abbreviations, and abbreviations
      not on the command line.
    - Add a pure-C tor-resolve implementation.
    - Use getrlimit and friends to ensure we can reach MaxConn (currently
      1024) file descriptors.

  o Code security improvements, inspired by Ilja:
    - Replace sprintf with snprintf. (I think they were all safe, but
    - Replace strcpy/strncpy with strlcpy in more places.
    - Avoid strcat; use snprintf or strlcat instead.
    - snprintf wrapper with consistent (though not C99) overflow behavior.

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