Tor 0.0.9rc1 is out

Hideki Saito hidekis at
Tue Nov 23 11:04:07 UTC 2004

It seems like there are some problem with Windows service portion
(although I'm aware it's something that "Still needs more work.")

"Could not start the Tor 0.0.9 pre6 Win32 Service service on Local Computer.
Error 1053: The service did not respond to the start or control
request in a timely fashion."

Also, as it still says pre6, these needs update:
C:\sources\tor-0.0.9rc1\src\or\main.c(72):#define GENSRV_SERVICENAME 
C:\sources\tor-0.0.9rc1\src\or\main.c(73):#define GENSRV_DISPLAYNAME 
TEXT("Tor 0.0.9 pre6 Win32 Service")

On Tue, 23 Nov 2004 05:13:09 -0500, Roger Dingledine <arma at> wrote:
> This first release candidate for 0.0.9 fixes a couple of bad bugs and
> makes hibernation a bit cleaner.
> tarball:
> signature:
> (use -dPr tor-0_0_9rc1 if you want to check out from cvs)
>   o Bugfixes on
>     - Finally fix a bug that's been plaguing us for a year:
>       With high load, circuit package window was reaching 0. Whenever
>       we got a circuit-level sendme, we were reading a lot on each
>       socket, but only writing out a bit. So we would eventually reach
>       eof. This would be noticed and acted on even when there were still
>       bytes sitting in the inbuf.
>     - When poll() is interrupted, we shouldn't believe the revents values.
>   o Bugfixes on 0.0.9pre6:
>     - Fix hibernate bug that caused pre6 to be broken.
>     - Don't keep rephist info for routers that haven't had activity for
>       24 hours. (This matters now that clients have keys, since we track
>       them too.)
>     - Never call close_temp_logs while validating log options.
>     - Fix backslash-escaping on and
>   o Features:
>     - Implement weekly/monthly/daily accounting: now you specify your
>       hibernation properties by
>       AccountingMax N bytes|KB|MB|GB|TB
>       AccountingStart day|week|month [day] HH:MM
>         Defaults to "month 1 0:00".
>     - Let bandwidth and interval config options be specified as 5 bytes,
>       kb, kilobytes, etc; and as seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks.
>     - kill -USR2 now moves all logs to loglevel debug (kill -HUP to
>       get back to normal.)
>     - If your requested entry or exit node has advertised bandwidth 0,
>       pick it anyway.
>     - Be more greedy about filling up relay cells -- we try reading again
>       once we've processed the stuff we read, in case enough has arrived
>       to fill the last cell completely.
>     - Apply NT service patch from Osamu Fujino. Still needs more work.

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