Tor 0.0.9pre6 NT Service patch

Osamu Fujino tor at
Wed Nov 17 14:07:55 UTC 2004

I contribute the patch of Windows NT service for a Tor development project.

This patch contains the following problems.

1. When performing Tor in service mode, you have to put a configuration file
 on the same directory as an execution module.

2. When operating Tor in service mode, don't arrange the execution file of
 on a directory path including a blank.

When you develop in service mode, it should be cautious of the following

1. If a perfect file path is not given, a fopen() function goes wrong.

For example
Faile: fopen("torrc")
Success: fopen("c:\tor\torrc")

2. The parameter given to the nt_service_body() function differs
 from the thing given to a main() function.

I am not good at English. However, it wishes that this patch is helpful
 to a developer. :)

Osamu Fujino

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