Tor 0.0.9pre6 is out

Roger Dingledine arma at
Tue Nov 16 03:42:04 UTC 2004

This prerelease includes lots of bugfixes and a few more features,
such as a Windows installer and RPMs, as we get closer to 0.0.9.

(use -dPr tor-0_0_9pre6 if you want to check out from cvs)

We'll have other packages up on the website shortly. (By the way, check
out the new website.)

  o Bugfixes on
    - Fix assert failure on malformed socks4a requests.
    - Use identity comparison, not nickname comparison, to choose which
      half of circuit-ID-space each side gets to use. This is needed
      because sometimes we think of a router as a nickname, and sometimes
      as a hex ID, and we can't predict what the other side will do.
    - Catch and ignore SIGXFSZ signals when log files exceed 2GB; our
      write() call will fail and we handle it there.
    - Add a FAST_SMARTLIST define to optionally inline smartlist_get
      and smartlist_len, which are two major profiling offenders.

  o Bugfixes on 0.0.9pre5:
    - Fix a bug in read_all that was corrupting config files on windows.
    - When we're raising the max number of open file descriptors to
      'unlimited', don't log that we just raised it to '-1'.
    - Include event code with events, as required by control-spec.txt.
    - Don't give a fingerprint when clients do --list-fingerprint:
      it's misleading, because it will never be the same again.
    - Stop using strlcpy in tor_strndup, since it was slowing us
      down a lot.
    - Remove warn on startup about missing cached-directory file.
    - Make kill -USR1 work again.
    - Hibernate if we start tor during the "wait for wakeup-time" phase
      of an accounting interval. Log our hibernation plans better.
    - Authoritative dirservers now also cache their directory, so they
      have it on start-up.

  o Features:
    - Fetch running-routers; cache running-routers; compress
      running-routers; serve compressed running-routers.z
    - Add NSI installer script contributed by J Doe.
    - Commit VC6 and VC7 workspace/project files.
    - Commit a tor.spec for making RPM files, with help from jbash.
    - Add contrib/ contributed by Glenn Fink.
    - Implement the control-spec's SAVECONF command, to write your
      configuration to torrc.
    - Get cookie authentication for the controller closer to working.
    - Include control-spec.txt in the tarball.
    - When set_conf changes our server descriptor, upload a new copy.
      But don't upload it too often if there are frequent changes.
    - Document authentication config in man page, and document signals
      we catch.
    - Clean up confusing parts of man page and torrc.sample.
    - Make expand_filename handle ~ and ~username.
    - Use autoconf to enable largefile support where necessary. Use
      ftello where available, since ftell can fail at 2GB.
    - Distinguish between TOR_TLS_CLOSE and TOR_TLS_ERROR, so we can
      log more informatively.
    - Give a slightly more useful output for "tor -h".
    - Refuse application socks connections to port 0.
    - Check clock skew for verified servers, but allow unverified
      servers and clients to have any clock skew.
    - Break DirFetchPostPeriod into:
      - DirFetchPeriod for fetching full directory,
      - StatusFetchPeriod for fetching running-routers,
      - DirPostPeriod for posting server descriptor,
      - RendPostPeriod for posting hidden service descriptors.
    - Make sure the hidden service descriptors are at a random offset
      from each other, to hinder linkability.

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